18* Phantom Radio 91FM- THIRD HOUR; Sorry, I'm gonna go over time
Live broadcast, 53 minutes.

In collaboration with the majestic Loes Claessens


1) Drake - Peak (last 25 seconds)
from: Scorpion, 2018

2) Wolf Boy; versions of mothers
(a 10-minute nursery rhyme I made for myself in December 2018)

3) Reading of a transcript of a translation of SQUANDER
(a poem by Haytham el-Wardany, from his Book of Sleep, 2017)

4) “Oh, that Clock!” - Audio Only
"Oh that Clock!" is a 30-minute three channel YouTube-playlist composition, designed to represent an ellipsis. Developed over a 12-month period (Jan 2017-Jan 2018), it consists solely of pre-existing YouTube videos, as uploaded by a large amount of dispersed and unknowing YouTube users. The piece resides online, and needs continuous maintenance in order to survive.