Act I; The Lady of Shalott
mixed media installation, 2016

(Paint, Wood, Shelves from Ikea Vittsjö series, Sensualité® iSense® Super Soft Carpet, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), OPTOMA GT1070X projector, Logitech Z333 PC speakers, HDMI- AUX- and power cables.)

This site-specific sculptural installation was used during the opening hours of the Rietveld graduation show for giving a series of manually guided, lecturelike VJ sequences, supported by projecting my personal desktop onto a large screen, navigating through its contents (my personal workspace, the most dynamic part of my archives) in realtime, creating a visual essay to accompany my publication “Images of Lightness - an essay on Jimmie Durham, digital material and intimacy”

7 times a day, I performed a 15 min associative stream of photos, video and audio in which the veils that covered Botticelli’s Venus formed a visual rhyme with a transparent cloth behind which Jimmy Durham attempts to hide during a lecture, followed by fragments of fertility symbols and interviews in which the belief in (technological) progress is being questioned, and the ghosts of Derrida, Kanye West, Vilém Flusser and an anonymous white horse started creating their own narrative.

Act I; The Lady of Shalott, Version 3 (re-enactment in 2D) WeTransfer

video documentation (by friends & visitors) (like this one)

accompanying facebook event

Feature on Mister Motley Graduation Blog
by Anne Lakeman
by Anne Lakeman